TOURING 12.6 WNB WOOD DESIGN with N90 paddle


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Master the waters with the GTS TOURING 12.6 SUP board and the GTS N90 PVC and fiberglass paddle, a perfect blend of stability and speed.

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**GTS TOURING 12.6 SUP Board** – A high-performance paddleboard designed for water touring adventures. Exceptional stability, sleek design, and light weight make it an ideal choice for paddlers of all levels. Supplied with trolley backpack, 1 fin, BRAVO Double Max double-piston high-pressure pump, foot strap and repair kit. **GTS N90 PVC & Fiberglass Paddle** – A strong, lightweight paddle perfect for all paddle boarding adventures. Its special design provides excellent propulsion, while its adjustable length makes it suitable for different paddlers. Comes with a tool.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 381 × 83 × 15 cm

Double Layer X-Cross Woven Drop Stich


10 Liter

Maximales Körpergewicht

<120 KG

paddle length

180-220 cm