Disclaimer Guarantee


Stand up paddling is dangerous!

Attend a SUP school or a SUP workshop and get professional training. Be careful and don’t take unnecessary risks. You should only use this product if you are in good mental and physical condition and feel healthy. You must be able to swim safely. Use your iSUP only in the sea, lakes or rivers, never on land and never in the pool. Use this product only in safe waters for which the use of SUP is permitted. Before each SUP tour, inquire about weather and water conditions.

Never go stand-up paddling when there are obstacles in the water. Never go on the water in bad weather and thunderstorms. Comply with the laws that apply to waters. Before using the product, check the condition. Always carry a life jacket or a restube with you when paddling.

Instruction manual

The use of an iSUP poses certain risks to the body and health of the user or third parties. Please heed all warnings in this manual and read them carefully before using your iSUP for the first time.


  • always leave in the shade outside the water
  • Avoid exposing GTS iSUP to direct sun and high temperatures
  • after use in salt water, you must clean the board with fresh water from the salt
  • do not use chemicals and solvents for cleaning
  • Do not use solid objects that damage your product when cleaning
  • only take a cell phone on the board in a suitable waterproof bag – avoid taking high-risk tours on your own

Warranty conditions

GTSports GmbH (below “GTS”) grants you as a first-time buyer for material or processing errors on your iSUP throughout Europe a guarantee of 12 months from the conclusion of the purchase contract. If material and / or processing errors occur on your iSUP within this period, GTS can either repair it or replace the defective part if necessary. This guarantee applies only to the first-time buyer personally and is not transferable to third parties. The guarantee does not apply to rental and training companies and iSUP users who run a business with it. To claim the warranty, you must register within 14 days of purchasing your iSUP. Each iSUP has a serial number that is located on the side of the rear (rear) of the iSUP board. Register your GTS product with the associated serial number at: www.grandtoursport.com. You will receive confirmation of registration by post or email.

To assert a warranty claim, in addition to registration, presentation of proof of purchase (e.g. receipt) is necessary. Please send us this document in the event of a warranty claim. The receipt must be legible and must show the seller, his business address and the date of purchase. The guarantee is only assumed if the iSUP was only used in water. To check a guarantee case, GTS can request further evidence (e.g. photos). The costs for deliveries from Germany will be reimbursed after checking the product in the event of a guarantee granted by us. For deliveries from abroad you may incur additional shipping costs, which GTS will not cover in the event of a guarantee. The guarantee period does not start again in the event of a repair or replacement of the goods under the guarantee.

Excluded from the warranty are:

Damages and defects caused by incorrect or improper operation or application

  • Normal signs of wear and tear
  • Damage caused by solar radiation and salt water
  • Damage caused by excessive inflating of iSUP

In the event of warranty, please contact:

GTSports GmbH
Eiswerderstraße 18 I Building 129

13585 Berlin

Tel +49 30 206 547 16
eMail: info@grandtoursports.com

Please note that this guarantee does not limit your statutory rights, which you can assert against your seller in the event of a defect in the purchased item.