RS 12.6 PBC Board Set without bag with NARROW 85 UD carbon paddle


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Premium touring SUP board for sporty paddlers. Its fast straight-line stability with a high turning speed make this board the ideal training partner. In a set with carbon paddle NARROW85UD.

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Features of the RS 12.6 PBC board set without bag with NARROW 85 UD carbon paddle

RS 12.6 PBC Board Set without bag is a high-quality stand-up paddle board specially designed for touring and racing. With a length of 384 cm (12’6″) and a width of 74 cm (29″), the board is slim and fast, giving it excellent performance on the water. It offers people up to 85 kg and a maximum payload of 20 kg, exceptional directional stability.

The sporty construction offers greater stability and less resistance in the water. The board features non-slip EVA foam for maximum traction while paddling and a 2 fin setup for improved riding characteristics. Other features include 2 double luggage nets at the bow and stern and 1 practical handle for transporting the board to and from the water.

Its extremely light weight of only 8.2 kg makes the board the ideal training partner.

All inflatable GTS SUP boards are made from the best materials available, super light and strong double layer PVC fabric and crossed drop stitch threads. The two PVC layers are thermally bonded, this design dispenses with adhesive and saves weight!

With its medium load capacity and sturdy construction, the RS 12.6 offers ambitious paddlers efficiency and performance.

Particularly advantageous with this board, it can be folded horizontally and vertically and is therefore characterized by a particularly small pack size

Description of the paddle:

The GTS NARROW 85 UD is a 3-piece premium carbon paddle and is made of

high-density unidirectional carbon fabric fibers are precisely handcrafted. It is sturdy, lightweight and easy to handle. Its narrow blade shape, measuring 85 square inches, provides strong, fast, and efficient propulsion that is optimally utilized by smooth and precise paddle strokes. It is stiff and very light at only 629 g. The special design and honeycomb weaving technique of the paddle surface make this paddle extremely stable and light.

The shaft of the paddle is very comfortable and allows a firm and trusting grip. Due to the length adjustment from 168 cm to 210 cm, this paddle is suitable for people

suitable from 155 cm to 190 cm height.

All GTS carbon paddles use the proven anti-rotation protection on the handle, dispense with the middle clamp and are equipped with an ABS protective edge as standard, which ensures durability. With the hexagonal clampless closure system, it can be easily disassembled and transported without any problems.

The GTS NARROW 85 UD Carbon SUP Paddle is a solid paddle that perfectly combines precision, lightness, speed and comfort to give you the ultimate SUP experience. It offers ambitious paddlers the right performance.

Included in the set: SUP board, 3-piece full carbon paddle NARROW 85 UD, 2 fins, double stroke high-pressure pump, foot leash, repair kit

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Additional information


300 Liter


8,2 kg / 18 lbs


Double Layer X-Cross Woven Drop Stich


White / Light Blue / Dark Blue / Gray


An Wettkämpfen teilnehmen, Auf größere Toure gehen

Colour code


paddle length

168 – 210 cm

Paddle material

Shaft -UD / unidirectional Carbon Blade – Honeycomb Hexagon Carbon

Sheet dimensions

16.5 cm x 45 cm / 542 cm² / 84 in²

recommended height

140 cm – 190 cm