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Compact and flexible yoga and fitness island for up to 8 SUP boards., The island offers a unique opportunity for fitness and yoga enthusiasts.

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The GTS Health & Fitness Island is a compact and flexible yoga and fitness island. With the ability to put on and connect up to 8 SUP boards at the same time, it offers a unique opportunity for fitness and yoga enthusiasts.

The island is equipped with sufficient attachment points for all boards and has the option of anchoring, which ensures a safe and stable environment.

With its diameter of 3 meters and a volume of 500 liters, the island offers enough space for activities.

Especially for fitness or yoga coaches, the island in the middle offers enough space to demonstrate exercises and guide the participants.

With a first-class fitness and SUP yoga base, the GTS Health & Fitness Island is ideal for group exercises or individual training sessions on the water.

Whether you’re looking to improve your yoga or fitness skills, or just want a unique and fun way to be active with friends, GTS Health & Fitness Island offers the perfect platform for a challenging workout experience on the water.

Included in delivery: island, BRAVO Double Max double piston double stroke high pressure pump, repair kit

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