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The GTS TURBO INFLATOR is an advanced pumping system designed for rescue SUP boards and inflatable boats that require up to 1 bar of pressure. It is offered in two variants, including a GTS threaded adapter for preamps and a quick-release option, as well as a threaded adapter/connector for a pressure regulator of the scuba tank. This system simplifies the aeration process by automatically reducing and regulating pressure to ensure safe and efficient preparation for activities on the water.

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– Quick Ventilation System for Inflatable Rescue SUP Boards

The GTS TURBO INFLATOR is the ultimate ventilation system for rescue SUP boards and inflatable boats that require up to 1 bar of pressure. We offer two variants.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 GTS thread adapter for preamps (variant 2 with quick-release fastener)
  • 1 threaded adapter/fitting for pressure regulator scuba tank

Functionality & operation:

Before using the GTS TURBO INFLATOR, please check all threaded components for strength.

  • The preamp of the system reduces the pressure to 8-10 bar and then transfers it to 1.5 bar. The pressure regulator is preset and does not need to be operated manually.
  • The pressure hose is connected to the valve of the SUP board via the valve plug. The GTS threaded adapter allows for easy and quick connection to the valve of the SUP board.

Additional information:

All components of the GTS TURBO INFLATOR can be purchased separately in order to maintain the system in the long term. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of success and fun using the GTS TURBO INFLATOR for your rescue SUP boards and inflatable boats. With this high-quality ventilation system, you are well equipped to be safe and efficient on the water.

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