GTS NARROW 85 Pro Black Edition 1-piece


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Performance Paddle Customized, super lightweight and for performance-oriented paddlers. The flow-optimized blade shape favors energy-saving high-frequency paddling.

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Features of the GTS NARROW 85 Pro Black Edition 1-piece

The GTS NARROW 85 Pro Black Edition 1-piece SUP paddle is a highly efficient paddle and is characterized by its top workmanship and outstanding design.

Made of high-density and lightweight carbon, it is one of the most stable SUP paddles.

Its narrow blade shape, measuring 85 square inches, provides strong, fast, and efficient propulsion that allows paddling to be both fast and hassle-free.

The surface of the paddle is made entirely of black honeycomb carbon fibers, which gives the paddle a distinctive look. It is stiff and very light.

The shaft of the paddle is extremely comfortable, and provides a pleasant grip for effortless and easy paddling.

We make this paddle to fit your size. After the purchase, let us know how long you want your new paddle to be.

Suitable for paddlers from 180 cm to 210 cm tall.

It is suitable for races and long distances and is paired with special power and agility.

The paddle is very sturdy and meets every requirement for SUP paddlers.

All GTS carbon paddles are equipped with an ABS protective edge as standard, which ensures durability.

In conclusion, the GTS NARROW 85 Black Edition SUP paddle is an outstanding choice for SUP enthusiasts who value performance and style in equal measure.

The combination of speed, effectiveness and design create a very unique character, with the best ergonomics.

It is an outstanding paddle that meets the highest expectations of experienced and ambitious paddlers.

This paddle appeals to sporty and ambitious paddlers and comes in a high-quality bag with tools.

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Honeycomb Hexagon Carbon


Schwarz / Matt


450g – 550g Customized

recommended height

170 cm – 205