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The GTS MALIBU 12.0 RESCUE SUP Board has been specially developed for use in water rescue. The special design is used to rescue people in mortal danger and paddlers.

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Features of the GTS MALIBU 12.0 RESCUE

The rescue board GTS MALIBU 12.0 RESCUE SUP Board was developed for water rescue and water surveillance.

The sturdy shape allows fast and safe locomotion with a paddle stroke. A board roll to pick up a person from the side is possible.

These boards have 6 long handles on each side and a special tail is used to hold one person.

The side handles are extra long and sturdy enough to get a person out of the water onto the board and onto land.

The German Life Saving Society (DLRG) and the WASSERWACHT of the German Red Cross use this board in the rescue and monitoring of water bodies and sporting events.

With a length of 366 cm (12 feet) and a width of 78.7 cm (31 inches), the board is easy to handle.

The practical arm grips make the board ready for use regardless of the rescuer’s requirements.

The surface is completely coated with non-slip EVA foam, making the board safe and stable even in harsh weather conditions and gusts of wind.

The board is compact and can be easily and effortlessly maneuvered in the water to move quickly to the victim and provide first aid in a timely manner.

Overall, the GTS MALIBU 12.0 rescue board is an outstandingly designed board that has all the necessary functions to react safely in an emergency.

Whether for rescue services or in an emergency situation on the beach, this board is a valuable addition to the rescue team.

Description of the paddle:

GTS RIVER 94 RESCUE – This 3-piece SUP paddle is made of high-quality fiberglass and combined with sturdy PVC material.

It is resistant to wear and tear and durable. With a generous blade area of 94 square inches, the performance of this paddle is excellent with a combination of strength and speed.

The shaft of the paddle is very comfortable and allows a firm and trusting grip. Due to the length adjustment of the handle from 174 cm to 224 cm, this paddle is suitable for people

suitable from 160 cm to 205 cm height.

Overall, the GTS RIVER 94 RESCUE is an outstanding paddle with a combination of resistance, strength and speed, which is best suited for a variety of SUP adventures.

It is stiff and relatively light at 825 g. The special design of the paddle surface also offers safety as well as good propulsion with every paddle stroke.

All high-quality GTS paddles use the proven anti-rotation protection on the handle and dispense with the middle clamp.

With the hexagonal clampless closure system, it can be easily disassembled and transported without any problems.

Included in delivery: SUP board, SUP paddle, trolley backpack, 1 fin, double stroke high-pressure pump, foot leash, repair kit

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Number of handles


Number of towing lugs


Windsurfing option



X Cross Double Layer Drop Stich


Yellow / Red, From 200 pieces according to customer requirements

Recommended body dimensions and load

– 200 cm – 100 kg + 100kg

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    Includes 19% MwSt. DE
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  • In stock

    Includes 19% MwSt. DE
    Shipping costs: 5,95 €
    Delivery Time: sofort lieferbar