BRAVO Double Max Pump


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The BRAVO SUP pump for large volume, fast inflation and easy handling.

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Features of the BRAVO Double Max Pump

The BRAVO DOUBLE MAX PUMP WHITE GTS is an easy-to-use and efficient pump designed specifically for paddlers who want to inflate their SUP board quickly and effortlessly.
The pump has two air chambers and two pistons. The total volume is 4.5 liters. The pump can be operated with double-stroke function and single-stroke function. There are 3 settings that allow you to pump air into the SUP board with more or less back pressure.
The pump is robust and durable and, thanks to the sturdy housing material, offers solid workmanship and long durability. Collapsible feet and removable handles are ideal and practical for a small pack size.
The pump is intuitive to operate and has a pressure gauge up to 2 bar. Please note that your GTS board is inflated with a maximum of 14.5 psi – 1 bar air pressure.
The pressure gauge allows the air pressure to be read accurately at any time.
Overall, the BRAVO DOUBLE MAX SUP pump is an excellent choice for paddlers who need a fast, effective and easy-to-use pump to inflate their board optimally. With a durable housing and light weight, it is easy to transport, easy to handle and has all the necessary features for SUP paddlers to paddle carefully and without delays.

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