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Grandtoursports – SUP Paddleboards for Touring

On tour with Grandtoursports.

GTS was founded in 2014 and is one of the market leaders for SUP paddleboards. Individuality and safety are our number one priority, so that you can experience the best performance while paddling.

Stand Up Paddling spilled over to Germany a few years ago and is already practised in large parts of the country. More and more people are infected by the fascination of SUP and for good reason.

Not only your body feeling, such as your balance or your body center benefit from this sport, also your mental well-being is increased and your natural connection to the environment is strengthened.

Especially on tours through the water worlds of Spandau you can marvel at the biodiversity and idyll of nature and let your soul dangle. We cordially invite you to the island of Eiswerder in the west of Berlin to share the joys of this water sport together on the Stand up Paddle Board.

To ensure that you are stable and above all safe on the road, GTSports GmbH provides you with the perfect SUP equipment for your size and weight. GTS touring boards are designed for large tours with a special view of performance and riding comfort.

Depending on your personal preferences, the GTS Sportstourer or gtS Touring Boards are the perfect SUP board.

The decisive factor for this is a particularly long board – the rule of thumb is that the SUP board has twice the length of the body.

We recommend a board length of 12 to 13 ft, which corresponds to 366 to 396 cm.

The longer the water edge of the SUP Touring Board, the faster it glides over the water surface. With a paddle stroke you can already cover 2 1/2 meters. Our boards are 11.6 – 13 ft long, so that the right board can be selected for every height. However, you can’t buy a board too big.

The width of the SUP board ensures increased tilt stability, which makes it easier for beginners to get started with this water sport. A safe board width is 31 to 33 inches/inch. That’s 79 to 84 cm.

The pointed nose allows a clean straight line and also displaces less water. As a result, you need virtually no effort to move forward quickly.

Paddlers are lazy and want to travel long distances with as little force as possible.

Good tour equipment should also include a storage facility for additional luggage.

Our SUP Touring Boards are equipped with luggage nets and a 4-handle system that can hold luggage up to 30 kg. Even if the paddler weighs 90 kg.

This is especially helpful when passing locks, as the luggage can partially stay on the sup board when you get the board out of the water and let it back in a few meters away.

Choosing the right SUP paddleboard for you:

For the selection of your suitable SUP board, we distinguish between three groups of people:

  • The first group includes people with a height of up to 170 cm and a body weight of up to 70 kg. This group of people can paddle with all our paddleboards, as no board can be too big.
  • The following group of persons starts from 170 cm, weighing from 70 kg and ends at the size of 190 cm and 90 kg. The boards should be more than 12 ft / 366 cm in length and contain a volume of at least 300 L.
  • Last but not least, there are people with a body weight of more than 100 kg. For this group of people, we recommend a board with a double chamber to have the same performance in terms of stiffness. Additional baggage can also be loaded up to 30 kg for persons weighing 120 kg. The weight data therefore refer to pure body weight.

Our Sportstourer 13.0 is equipped with a double chamber and has been the market leader in this area for years, as it is always a perfect companion for particularly long tours due to its reliability and safety.

The Touring 12.6 is slightly shorter and wider, which creates a higher tilt stability. This board is also ideal for demanding tours.

After the right equipment, the tour and the paddler has been selected, it can also continue with the concrete tour planning.

Here the motto always applies:

Safety first!

Conscious planning not only creates special experiences, but also minimizes potential dangers.

The Grantdtoursports planning model for SUP tours:

3 x 3 (3 factors by 3 periods)

assists you in thinking and making decisions about all sorts of events that occur and can occur.

This model is also applicable for small tours and for individuals or small groups.

The three factors represent the environment, the conditions and the person, i.e. the paddlers and, if necessary, the tour guide.

These are taken into account in the previous planning, immediately before the tour and during the tour (periods).

The surrounding area is local. At the beginning, the approach is discussed. How is the equipment transported to the lake, the Havel or the Spree or to other waters? Where should i.e. get started? A jetty is given or is the water reached over the shore? Are there any special arrangements for this body of water?

The conditions refer to wind, weather and temperature.

For this you should check the long-term wind and weather forecasts regularly. Before the start of the tour, the weather should also be checked again.

If the wind is too strong, a tour with beginners is rather unsuitable. It should be moved to a sunnier day, but also make sure that it is not too hot, as the sun reflects on the surface of the water and you will be fully irradiated from above and below. Sunstroke and severe sunburns can be the consequences. To avoid this, a headgear and sunscreen should be provided.

In case of heavy rain and thunderstorms you should not go to the water under any circumstances. The poor visibility not only increases the risk of accidents on passing boats, but also lightning can divert its impact location on the smooth water surface, especially at lakes, exactly on your board or, at worst, directly on you.

Participants should also meet some criteria. The swimming ability is the essential prerequisite. Also consider the physical fitness and health of each participant in terms of the length of the route and the local conditions.

Group size and composition can also have different effects. Older participants could be left behind because they can’t keep up with the average speed of the group, so the group drifts apart and not everyone is in the group leader’s eye.

Within the first two periods you should imagine what it will be like during the tour. Ask yourself what dangers exist and what measures you can or should take to prevent them.

Immediately before the tour, you first check whether the considerations from the planning phase correspond to reality and whether further measures may need to be taken. During the tour you will gain new experiences and impressions, which will prepare you better for the upcoming tour and let you consider more potential dangers. Here you can see if and how the factors change and what dangers result from them. Before you go on the water, you should always inform at least one person about how long you will be on the road and when you can expect your return.

We recommend that you prepare yourself for a tour with a checklist, so as not to lose sight of anything and so that you can adjust as best as possible. You will find numerous copies of this on the net as well as in magazines on the topic of water sports and tours. We are also happy to advise you on site in our cosy showroom on the island of Eiswerder or by phone.

However, if an unexpected situation arises, participants should be able to make the right decision. Here you should always keep calm and look at the situation from different angles, if you have the time to do so. In an emergency situation, you should act conscientiously, but also quickly.

We cordially invite all those who do not want to deal with the independent planning of SUP tours to our new SUP test center in the heart of Berlin! There you will not only find a large selection of all GTS SUP boards to test, but also a wide range of courses and guided excursions!

We look forward to seeing you!

Your GTS SUP Team
GTS Paddleboards Surfing Sunset Sea

Grandtoursports – SUP Paddleboards for Touring


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